Project 'REV'

It was time to build a new project, but after two bikes in a row we need something new. New color? Check! But only changing the design seems a bit easy. It is time for something new, so here it is: Our new 300ccm 2-Stroke fuel injected race bike!

The mint green plastics in combination with orange details in our decal kit, which is delivered by MKS Graphics, is completly untypical for TM bikes. Maybe not everybody will like it, but it is different and that's the main statement of our Project:  BE DIFFERENT, BE UNIQUE!


Let start with the chassis: We are specialized in suspension, so of course we took for this project our GPM Pro Kit which got another update for the new frame of the 2020 TM EN300Fi. The optimized KYB SSS Pro Kit fork is working together with a TM Racing shock. For the shock we did not only change the shim setting. Furthermore we replaced the piston and all sealings to reduce the friction and optimize the response for best performance on rough tracks.

The wheelset is euqipped with high quality FASTER USA hubs in combination with black EXCEL rims and DUNLOP tires.

Carbon parts, CNC milled aluminium parts, Motoseat seatcover,  grips and a handlebar from Renthal are completing the first impression of the bike.

The design is special, but the focus is definitly on the engine:

For sure the fuel injection is already on the market, but have you seen it racing on the track, firing through deep sand? New technology is great, but as always, it needs some time to get understand and get it ready for  competition and that's our goal!

The stock setting has a quite good throttle response and more grip than all the two stroke bikes we tested before. It has a good bottom power and due to the new balancing shaft extremly smooth. Perfect for enduro...but not ideal for mx.

Next to some cylinder optimization, we work with a VHM cylinder head and a new developed combution chamber to gain more power and more agile behaviour during acceleration. Because of higher loads on mx tracks, we equipped the bike with a powerfull cooling system and bigger cooling pump.

The fuel injection as well as ignition angle are readjusted to the new components and optimized for hard race conditions by testing it in detail on the testbench and validating everything on the race track.

The results are great and not comparable to oldschool carburetor engines, but it is just the beginning of a new chapter in two stroke history. It is time to do some big steps in developing those engines and regarding to the current state of art and the possibilities modern ECUs offered, we are looking forward to continue with this project. It is just the beginning...

Project 18.2

We promised "the story will be going on..." and now it's time to continue. It's time for a new "old" project, it's time for PROJECT 18.2!

We started the same way with a brand new TM MX300 MY2018, disassembled it, spent her some color for the frame, installed nice looking carbon parts and some more additional stuff.

Two times the same would be boring so what is the difference? We built a new handmade welded Fedor pipe, develped our brand new Pro Kit shock and created with MKS Graphics a new design with shiny chrome effects . But this wasn't enough. We decided to build a second bike. After the big bored 2-Stroke Lady we took her little sister home, a TM MX125 MY2018!

Instead of talking about the project and presenting all the details, we want do it a little bit different this year. We created a little video about this project, so lay back and enjoy:

''Our favorite part of the TM MX300 was its ultra-plush suspension''

Read the complete article by the Motocross Action Mag and see what their crew is thinking about this project:

MXA_Article.pdf (3.67MB)
MXA_Article.pdf (3.67MB)

Last but not lease a short video by the MXA Crew:



Project Cafe Racer

Most of the time we are working on dirt bike suspension or engines, but after doing that for a long time we want to do something new. When I saw the old lady, built in 1977, it was a shame to know that it is currently standing in a cold garage for almost 30 years and propably never returning back on the street. After thinking about this fact night after night, we decide to buy it and transfer it in a bad ass cafe racer and spent it a new life. From the technical view it's nothing special. It's an old 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine with carburator instead of an injection, but from the emotional view it's one of the coolest projects we ever started.

Project 17.1

The idea for the bike was born during an USA trip in October 2016. California is a kind of motocross paradies and TM is a very unknown brand over there. To change this and polish its image, we started this project in cooperation with TM Racing USA. It should be something special and the result is an exclusive bike which exists only one time in the world. Well, in the end we built two: One for USA and one for Europe.

The basic for this bike is a TM MX300 MY2017. Next to all the optical stuff like a black frame, golden Excel rims with blue Faster USA hubs, Motoseat cover, BUD Racing titanium footpegs or clutch cover by SM Project, we also worked intensive on the technics. We took the stock engine and rebuild it completly. The list of optimization is long and consists for example a new Pro Circuit pipe, cylinder optimization, VHM cylinder head with an individual combustion chamber or a complete optimization of the carburator to mention only a few points.

One more highlight is definitly the suspension. The process to develope a complete package with no compromise took almost half a year. The OEM TM shock was replaced with an Öhlins TTX, which we spent a new shimsetting. The basic of the fork is a Kayaba SSS. We spent a lot of work in this fork and optimized almost every component. In the end we were so pround and happy with the result, that we decide to make it buyable for everyone and published it under the name GPM Pro Kit.

When the Motocross Action crew saw our bike for the first time, they directly fall in love and want to test it. A few weeks later we got this picture of their new magazine cover.
All in all we can say that this project is a full success. We changed the image of TM in the USA. We built a bike people are talking about and not only this. We also built a bike which is racing, winning and let the people be amazed. But the best: It's still not the end, the story will be going on...

... and like we promised the story is going on. In June 2018 the MXA Crew did a review over the best 2-Stroke bikes. And imagine which bike is in their increadible Hall of Fame? Yes, our Project 17.1 is part of the 2-Stroke Hall of Fame and got another place on the MXA cover!

Video presentation by Motocross Action

MXA article about the Project 17.1

MXA article Project 17.1
Read what the MXA crew thinks about our 2017 project bike
MXA Article Project17_1.pdf (1.58MB)
MXA article Project 17.1
Read what the MXA crew thinks about our 2017 project bike
MXA Article Project17_1.pdf (1.58MB)

Cross Magazin #77

TM USA's Project Bike for Motocross Action Mag

MXA article about the project bike

Article Motocross Action Mag
Check the article about TM USA's Project Bike in the May issue of the Motorcross Action Mag
TM Project Bike 300.pdf (3.87MB)
Article Motocross Action Mag
Check the article about TM USA's Project Bike in the May issue of the Motorcross Action Mag
TM Project Bike 300.pdf (3.87MB)

On the TM 144ccm 2-Stroke in Genk (B)

One lap around the outdoor track in Genk (B) on the TM MX 144

Heli Shooting Video

Here is a short video of our heli shooting from summer 2014 in Grevenbroich (GER).